Vol.23: Top Hong Kong Events in November

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Believe it or not? November is the perfect month to explore some uniqueness and the domestic cultural elements in Hong Kong. While the typhoon season is gone, the temperature drops down from the mega heat with lower humidity, let us give you a few good idea to enjoy the best weather of the year!

Clockenflap 2016
This annual outdoor music & arts festival is one of the best opportunities to participate in the joy and discover what the international communities in Hong Kong can offer. It is a great chance to enjoy the good food and drinks, sit on the grass with your friends while taking part in a moment of delight with music. Clockenflap is a group who pursues creative passions by creating world class music and arts festival that delivers a depth and diversity of experiences, in a fun and wonderful setting. It is not surprising to find out this will be an unique outdoor music festival experience you ever have, you may check out the below website for more information:


deTour 2016
Hong Kong’s annual art and design festival is back! Organized by PMQ, deTour is an important concurrent event of the Business of Design Week featuring designs from young and emerging talents. deTour returns this winter with variety of exhibitions, seminars, workshops and pop-up stores. This annual event offers all the art lovers a different perspective to explore and appreciate art and design created by young talented local artists with 2016’s theme ‘Game Changer’. Innovative design is a key investment in smart cities like Hong Kong. But how do we benefit from innovative lifestyle and how do we achieve ingenious advancement? Find out your own answer in the event, more details will be found on the below site:


Redbull Flugtag
The Redbull Flugtag returns to Hong Kong on 27th November this year! Even though you may doubt how does Redbull gear you up with wings, but this is definitely a daredevil competition. Competitors will launch their flying machines off a six-meter high platform. The best flying machine will be judged by flying distance, creativity and the showmanship. This event is completely free and you can register on the below link to experience a different vibe of Hong Kong’s outdoor activity:


We recommend you to book your ticket in advance and grab your jacket before you head out as it can get a bit chilly at night. Hope you enjoy our best pick of the outdoor activities, especially for those who want to experience the uniqueness of Hong Kong in the perfect weather! At last, don’t forget to get your winter clothing cleaned before you really need to get them on. Who’s the best to go for such favor? You know it!

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