Vol.22: Impressed Guide for Halloween 2016!

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Halloween is coming! It’s time to take this as an excuse to do something fun or a little extraordinary with your family and friends! Below are some of the options we brainstormed for you:

Ocean Park – Halloween Fest 2016
Ocean Park is always geared up for the Halloween season. On top of the Ghostbusters reboot, this year’s most extreme haunted house “16+ bleeds with torture”, offers you a scare worthy of victims only 16 years old and above who are willing to face their innermost fears, are you dare to try it out? Kids and families can go to hunt for sweets and chocolate biscuits at Hong Kong’s longest trick-or-treat trail, the designated scary zones filled with ghosts and surprise! If you are looking for some haunted houses experience open till midnight, this is one of your take!

Disney’s Haunted Halloween
Disneyland is not always some fancy castles with firework in a fairy tales. During the Halloween season, it will transform into a haunted land of pumpkins, ghosts, cobwebs and spooky trees. Characters you seldom see during the regular days like the Headless Horsemen and Jack the Pumpkin King will come out to catch you out of the fairy tales. The regular parades will be shifted and replaced by “Mickey’s Halloween Time Cavalcade” and “Villains Night Out” when all the Disney villains make an appearance to surprise you!

Lan Kwai Fong Halloween Street Party
Wanna show off your Halloween costume? When it comes to Halloween time, Lan Kwai Fong is the largest outdoor street party destination for this festival. The area will be transformed into a terrifying experience with Chinese ‘Horror Street’ with floating skeletons and pigtail in the sky, vampires, zombies, werewolf and Frankenstein are all coming out to look for a mate. It’s time for you to pick a costume and prepare to be splashed by the madness!

Time Out Hong Kong Halloween Styloween
If you are into fashion and combination of multiple elements to spend your Halloween, Time Out’s Halloween party at Fashion Walk will be a good option for you to enjoy a night of chills and thrills. Classic fairytale characters, trick-or-treat goodies and prizes await you as you stalk along the streets filled with music, games and drive. The best thing is that entry is free! However, spots are limited, so we recommend you to RSVP ahead of time and earn yourself a free drink.

HALLOWIEN, Kee’S Halloween Pop-up Viennese Ball
If you want to experience Halloween in Hong Kong with a different vibe, Hallowien is another option for you. The venue is located at waterfront with night view of Victoria Harbour. This extravagant Viennese ball requires the dress code of participants in red, black or white. The winner of the best costume will win a prize after mid-night announcement. Grabbing a glass of champagne with the harbour view could be a different Halloween experience.

A last, after you make your pick, remember to book your ticket in advance to catch the early bird discount before it sold out! Also, don’t forget personal hygiene when you get yourself into the crowdedness. You may want to wash your costume before you wear it, not sure if you have noticed the plastic smell after you get them out of the package before; you never know how long it got stored in there. When it comes to situation like this, I’m sure you know who to go for, and I know you will be IMPRESSED by them! Happy Halloween!!

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