Vol.21: Impressed Guide for Organizing Your Fall Closet

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Fall is slowly approaching, you might still be in denial and hoping summer will last forever, but your wardrobe can’t be. Cooler weather means that you at least need to start put clothes on layer by layer. And layering involves getting tons of your autumn-winter clothes out from the depths of your home and into your closet again. In Hong Kong, while the unusual climate that deems year-round access to summer, fall and winter clothing are still necessary, this means you’ll have no excuse to put your summer clothes away.


1. Start with your summer clothes.
Any trace of skin oils or stains can end up damaging the clothing item over time. Also do a quick check on summer shoes. If some of the clothes are too tight or in a terrible shape, they should go in a trash bag and donate later. Don’t waste any storage box space on something that you never going to wear again. Be ruthless!

If you want to simplify the process of summer clothing, you can separate all the garments into Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter. Afterward, find boxes or trash bags and make an area for each of the following:

  • Keep
  • Toss
  • Maybe

2. Take a Fall to Winter Inventory.
Now you’ll have space for all your nicely folded sweaters and pants, as well as hanging space for long-sleeved shirts, winter dresses, skirts, and suits. Take an inventory of your fall and winter wardrobe and make sure that everything will fit, not too worn out, and that some clothes you will actually enjoy wearing.


3. Organize by Priority.
Once you have put all the fall items inside the wardrobe, it’s time to organize them by importance and accessibility. Keep basic items such as white T-shirts and tanks at the front to create a foundation. Then, add in the summery transitional pieces you can still wear into fall. True fall pieces should follow from lightest to heaviest weight, starting with thin knits and finishing with jackets and coats.

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