Vol.19: 4 Ways to Remove Smoky Smell from Clothes

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A nice barbeque during summer time is not only the best way to tuck in, but it is also the best activity for spending some quality time with your family and friends! If you are a big lover of Japanese or Korean barbeque, then you know what I mean, the bite of the flavors and the taste is just unresisting. However, after indulging into such a delicious feast, getting the smoky smell off the clothes can seem like a strenuous task, but there are a variety of methods which are worth trying.

Vinegar for machine-washable items
While it’s tempting to just toss your smoky clothes in a hot washer with a good flavor detergent, but that’s not enough. If the item is washable, it is easier to get the smoky smell away with the help of the washing machine. Simply just add 1 small cup of white vinegar to the washing water along with the standard laundry detergent before you press the “wash” button on the washing machine. Vinegar is acidic; it will break down the smoky smell without damage the materials of your clothes in most case. We know you have a concern about the smell that the vinegar will leave on your washed clothes, do not worry much, the odor will disappear very shortly.

Baking Soda for Non-washable items

If the item is not washable, you may have to put extra attention on the cleaning method. The below mentioned technique is effective, but multiple application need to be taken to achieve the desired results. Baking soda is a well-known odor-absorber that can effectively removes smoky smell. Sprinkle some baking soda over the surface of the affected garment and let it sit for a day or two. Take the item outside and shake off the unabsorbed baking soda. If the item cannot be exposed under the sun, vacuum the extra baking soda off your garment. Repeat until the smoky odor is totally gone.

Leather or equivalent materials
Getting the smoky smell out of leather garment can considered to be easy or difficult, it depends on the texture and thickness of the leather and what is it composed of. The details of the special design on the leather garment is likely where most of the unfavorable smell being trapped. Regardless, the best and safe shot is to have it being handled and treated by a trustworthy dry-cleaner. If you prefer to wash it by yourself, rub a small amount of condensed alcohol (not the one that you usually drink!) on the leather when you clean and wrap it with a dry cloth. The portion have to be precise depends on the size of your leader garment. Be careful not to let the alcohol soak into the leather.

Air It Out
If you have time and the weather permits, let the fresh air does the work. It’s the simplest technique among all, but there is no guarantee if it’s working as there are so many factors to be taken account into. Pick a spot with good airflow and hang your item outside on a clothing line or drying rack, then let the natural breeze does the rest. However, you have to let it sit couple days or even longer.

Hopefully those tips can help you to Smoked Out! If not, get on our app and pass on to the Impressed Team to get your trouble miles away at your fingertips. Alright, time for more barbeque, chao!!

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