The Green Laundry Revolution

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Healthy lifestyle begins with your most personal item like clothing. Impressed and The Laundress are teaming up to bring you a brand new eco-friendly laundry solution. The Laundress’ product lines of detergent, fabric care and home-cleaning products contain ingredients that are plant-derived, nontoxic and 100% biodegradable, formulated to target stains, preserve fabrics and colors while keeping the Earth clean and green.

Meanwhile, on top of the Green lifestyle, we know that time and efficiency are other important elements you put heavy weight on while living in a fast-paced dynamic city like Hong Kong. Impressed is using disruptive technology to bring you the most convenient laundry and dry cleaning service. Through our user-friendly mobile app, we strive to be at your doorsteps whenever and wherever you need, providing a premium quality of cleaning, on-demand and convenient service at an affordable price. Let us take care of the dirty work so you can spend more time doing what you love!

We know you care about the Earth; we know you care about your health; we know your time is so valuable in your busy schedule. How does the crossover of two innovative brands take you to the next level for enjoying the fine art of laundry experience while keeping the Earth green? Stay tuned for what’s coming up!

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