Vol.22: Impressed Guide for Halloween 2016!

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Halloween is coming! It’s time to take this as an excuse to do something fun or a little extraordinary with your family and friends! Below are some of the options we brainstormed for you: Ocean Park – Halloween Fest 2016 Ocean Park is always geared up for the Halloween season. On top of the Ghostbusters reboot, this year’s most extreme … Read More

Vol.21: Impressed Guide for Organizing Your Fall Closet

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Fall is slowly approaching, you might still be in denial and hoping summer will last forever, but your wardrobe can’t be. Cooler weather means that you at least need to start put clothes on layer by layer. And layering involves getting tons of your autumn-winter clothes out from the depths of your home and into your closet again. In Hong … Read More

Impressed x 10/10 HOPE: The Laundress Signature Detergent Giveaway

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Impressed and The Laundress are launching their first wave of Green Laundry Revolution today! Any Impressed customer who spends $300 or more in a single order will receive 1 free The Laundress Signature Detergent sachet. The Signature Detergent is perfect for those who take their everyday laundering seriously. In addition to being perfectly formulated to tackle all your laundry challenges, … Read More

環保洗衣新革命 “The Green Laundry Revolution”

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健康的生活理念從最貼身的衣物開始, Impressed 和The Laundress攜手帶您走進環保洗衣的新慨念。The Laundress 混合純天然的香氛精油搭配出100%生物分解、無化學過敏物質的衣物清潔系列。配方令衣物更耐穿、保持衣物纖維的彈性和柔軟度及洗衣後的污水不影響地球生態。 在關注環保和健康的同時,生活在國際大都市的您自然分秒必爭、盡可能善用時間。Impressed 利用科技解決你對衣物衛生和對便利及效率的要求,通過簡易操作的線上平台,按照您個人行程的要求到府上收取送回及提供優質的洗衣服務。輕鬆無憂地分擔了你個人穿著衛生的煩惱,你自然有更多時間去綻放生活的精彩。 兩個新慨念品牌的 crossover 為您塑造一個天然健康、便利衛生的生活新氣候。我們明白你對地球保育的關注;我們明白你對自身健康的追求;我們明白你對生活效率的要求。新世代、新態度、新生活理念,就等您來體驗! iOS app: http://appsto.re/hk/HvhH-.i Adroid app: https://goo.gl/T3O50s  

The Green Laundry Revolution

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Healthy lifestyle begins with your most personal item like clothing. Impressed and The Laundress are teaming up to bring you a brand new eco-friendly laundry solution. The Laundress’ product lines of detergent, fabric care and home-cleaning products contain ingredients that are plant-derived, nontoxic and 100% biodegradable, formulated to target stains, preserve fabrics and colors while keeping the Earth clean and … Read More