Vol.3: Get creative in an eco-friendly way!

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It’s Chinese New Year, the time of the year where you take out all your old and unwanted clothing with the goal of clearing up your wardrobe. Taking them out seems easy, but sorting them out could be an absolute nightmare!

On top of that, you realise that there are loads of only-wear-once dress items you can’t even recall you have bought them in the first place! It seems like a waste just throwing them away, but at the same time, you know very well that you’ll never going to wear them again. So don’t let them sit in the wardrobe anymore and turn this exercise into something fun and creative! Here are our top 5 picks to turn your old clothing into something creatively amazing!

  1. Make a T-shirt bangle
    There is nothing better than a cool DIY bangle. It is stylish and you can create lots of mix and match styles without having to buy any new fabrics! It is a unique accessory that you can truly call your own!
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  2. Take your quilt game to a whole new level
    Chinese New Year is always the coldest period in Hong Kong. Instead of using the old-fashioned way to knit a scarf, why not make your own awesome patchwork quilt and stay cozy this winter.
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  3. Your unique air freshener
    Most ladies enjoy a light and refreshing scent. After washing one of your old pair of socks, simply insert some scented dried flowers and tie up the ends. You can simply place them anywhere to give a nice and refreshing scent!Screen Shot 2016-02-14 at 8.56.09 AM
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  4. T-shirt yarn cat toys
    Yarn is definitely one of your fluffy friends’ favorite toys! Transform your old t-shirt into something that they will go insane!
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  5. Create your own artwork frame and brighten up your gallery wall
    Art pieces are expensive to buy but it can be cheap to make one by yourself. Carve out the part you want from your unwanted t-shirt and frame it. It is unbelievably easy!
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Everyone at home can enjoy these craft projects (even for your favorite pet!) on the weekend. They are easy to make and the best part is eco-friendly! Free your mind up a little bit from daily busy schedule and get creative with your family, kids and friends!