Vol.16: The Right Way to Wash and Take Care Swimsuit

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While the heat and summer has already approached to Hong Kong, it means time to have some fun with your friends and family at the beach! Swimming suits are somewhat on the expensive side of clothing and learning how to take care of them properly will help keep you looking great all season long. Whether you wear a swimsuit daily … Read More

Vol.15: Smart and Easy Ways to Organize Your Wardrobe

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A messy closet doesn’t contribute to anyone’s happiness. But a well-organized wardrobe, at the very least, gives you a sense of relief at finally finding that sweater that has been hiding at the back for a month. Does it sound familiar to you? Even though de-cluttering your closet can be overwhelming, that’s why we have picked the top tips to … Read More

Vol.14: Say Goodbye to 4 Most Common Summer Stains

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While sunshine, barbecue, ice cream and grass stains may mark the start of summer, it doesn’t mean they need to mark on your clothes. If you find these stains on your clothes, don’t panic! It might take some effort to remove them, but with the right treatments and techniques, you can get these stains out effortlessly!   Ice-cream Who doesn’t … Read More