Vol.13: How to Remove Sweat Stain?

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Yellow armpits stain…probably someone you know or yourself has probably suffered the shame and embarrassment of wearing a dress shirt with dingy, yellow stains from the armpits. Sometimes, sweat stains are unavoidable, especially with dress shirts that get worn repeatedly. However, sweat stains don’t have to permanently stain the item. Today we’re going to show you how you can easily … Read More

Vol.12: Master Your Ironing Skills – Part 2

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Have you try out one of those ironing tips & tricks from the previous blog? Even though you might already have improved your ironing skills and save some time from it, there are always some tricky garments which is hard to iron just like the way you want it. Who doesn’t like the straight, perfect ironed shirt or skirts that … Read More

Vol.11: Master Your Ironing Skills – Part 1

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Laundry is done and you have a pile of freshly washed clothes, now is time for ironing. Ironed clothing shows confidence and organised. Pressing properly will help to extend the life of your garments. However, we always forget to check out the ironing instructions under the garment and make the ironing process even more complex. The worst part is you … Read More

Vol.10: Ultimate Guide for Busy Moms!

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Mother’s Day is around the corner. It is one of the best time to gives you little loved ones the opportunity to tell you how much they appreciate, respect and admire you. However, houseworks will not stop just because of this special day. We all know that laundry takes quite a lot of time to sort time all out, and … Read More