Vol.6: Decode Your Washing Labels

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Time to style up yourself while the season is changing, and nothing is better than treat myself a nice sweater. But the thing is if I don’t treat it properly in the washing machine, it is gonna be another shrinking episode (I already have enough experiences!). To be honest, I never really ever looked at any of the laundry symbols … Read More

Vol.5: Natural Ways to fight Humidity

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Spring is slowly approaching…when you are living in a crazy-humid city like Hong Kong, it could become a real headache. The air is muggy, your skin is clammy and you can’t tell where that musty, mildew smell is coming from! High humidity at home is not only bad for you and family’s healthy, but also damage the furnitures. Follow our … Read More

Vol.4: Stay Organised Anytime, Anywhere

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Stay organised after New Year is very easy to break if there is not enough motives (especially in a fast-pace and busy city in Hong Kong!). Trying to stay on top of it all is not impossible. If making your life much more organised is your 2016 goal, what are the better ways to stop things going all over the … Read More