Vol.4: Top 5 Tips to kick away Holiday Stain!

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The holiday season has finally come to the end, but not for the stains and spills left from the food, dessert and drinks. No festive feast would be complete without a huge serving of duck, goose and sweet treats. Unfortunately, while the food might taste amazing, the fats and grease that dripped and stayed on your garments are just as … Read More

Vol.3: Get creative in an eco-friendly way!

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It’s Chinese New Year, the time of the year where you take out all your old and unwanted clothing with the goal of clearing up your wardrobe. Taking them out seems easy, but sorting them out could be an absolute nightmare! On top of that, you realise that there are loads of only-wear-once dress items you can’t even recall you have bought them in the … Read More

Vol.2: Celebrate the Year of Monkey!

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Kung Hei Fat Choi! What can you think of when it is Chinese New Year? Yummy Chinese traditional snacks and radish cake? Red pockets? Whether it is your first Chinese New Year in Hong Kong or looking for some special activities to do this year, what about following Impressed’s recommendations and enjoy Chinese New Year in a proper local way? … Read More