Impressed is now in Kowloon!

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Hello Kowloon! We are here! After months of trial runs and operations on the Hong Kong Island, we are excited to announce our service is now coverage at the Kowloon side! So folks at Kowloon get ready, you are just a tap away from clean and fresh laundry! Get $50 off when you share your personalized referral code to your … Read More

Vol.1: Life Changer of 2016: Laundry at Your Fingertips

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Life Changer of 2016: Laundry at Your Fingertips When it comes to living in Hong Kong – a wonderful city full of delicacy, amazing nightlife and activities that also combines with digital and fast-pace lifestyle, how will you simplify your daily or weekly routines so you can spend more time doing things that you love? Impressed is the answer for … Read More